We are a family based business brought to life by a passion and a dream. To take a hobby and turn it into a full time job. Of course I am talking about the automotive and aftermarket automotive industry. Our part time business consists of my dad and his two sons, my brother and I. We have been interested in cars and trucks since day one. Our goal is to start small and work our way up to becoming a well known business in the automotive aftermarket industry and to become the future of aftermarket shops.

We started this business in 2001 and now have 10 years experience with aftermarket parts and accessories. We have installed every thing from lift kits, tires and rims to lowering kits and all accessories even motor and tranny swaps. We believe in quality and efficiency and treat each vehicle like our own, so when it comes to your vehicle it will be done right the first time. 

We are continuing to update our education and experience to add to our line-up of automotive services.

Located in a small town of Singhampton Ontario, N0C1M0 just south of Collingwood. 

Mon - Sun                                                     705-444-1682